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Every Letter Matters

The more you read, the more you realize how few good writers are. A walk around town may be enough to show how many mistakes are made every day, how languages are butchered by people who claim they are writers and translators.

Bilingual people often wonder why there is a big difference between Arabic and English versions of texts on road signs, menus, user guides or even glossy magazines. The fact is, translation is not an easy job. Most bilingual people believe they can translate, but what they can do at most is explain in a certain language a text written or said in another.

Hence, many may be tempted to try their hand in translation, to varying degrees of success.

One of the main and most basic characteristics of language that people often don’t get right is punctuation. There are many books explaining the big difference the not-so-humble comma can make, but few can use them correctly, nevertheless.

We, at Commanine, realize how a comma can make or break a sentence, and, along with its fellow punctuation marks, can make or break an entire article or even a book.

For us, every letter matters, and so does every punctuation mark. We aim to make your words shine in whatever language they’re written.